On 20 October 1999, 67 leading Russian banks and exchanges signed a Foundation Agreement to create the National Foreign Exchange Association (NFEA). The main tasks of the NFEA include:

Developing and implementing rules on good faith conduct on the Russian currency and money markets (Standards);
Facilitating the development of a modern high-tech financial market that would comply with the international standards;
Elaborating a common position of market participants on the most topical issues and representing this position to the executive authorities;
Facilitating the creation of a modern infrastructure of the financial market and a favorable investment climate.

To implement these tasks, the NFEA developed Standards and Rules of work on the domestic currency and money markets; Standards and Rules of providing information services on the domestic currency and money markets. In close cooperation with the ARB and NAUFOR, the Association developed Standard Documentation for the derivatives market (2009, 2011).

On a regular basis, the NFEA organizes working meetings and conferences for financial market specialists, develops training programmes and conducts seminars.

You can find detail information about the activities of the National Foreign Exchange Association on the NFEA web-sites www.nva.ru, www.nfea.com, http://ruonia.ru, http://roisfix.ru, http://mosprime.com, http://nfeaswap.ru, http://rurepo.ru, http://confnva.ru.

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