We will need your short biography and presentation in Power Point format for more professional preparation for the event. The documentation will be posted on our website with access codes so that you can familiarize yourself with the conference materials in more detail in advance, prepare your questions and print some slides as necessary. The biography will also be given to the chairman of the conference so that he can adequately introduce you to the audience before the speech. For convenience, all presentations will be collected on one computer, which will allow the conference to go on schedule without unnecessary delays and pauses for reloading slides.


Documentation deadlines

In order for us to have time to place all the documents on the site and send you access in advance, the deadlines for reception are limited to a certain date, which the coordinator will inform you individually, by sending the speaker's questionnaire.


Speaker's profile

After the initial registration for the conference, you will receive a speaker form from us. Filling out the form is necessary to clarify the organizational details, this will allow us to better prepare your presentation and stay at the conference.


Presentation form and content

The composition of the presentation should correspond to the theme stated in the program.
Each slide should be composed in two languages ​​(Russian and English) so that both versions are reflected on the screen during the presentation.
Pay attention to the contrast of colors and the choice of font when composing slides. It depends on how impressive the presentation will look when speaking.
If you use animation and sound effects, try not to oversaturate the presentation with them, but highlight only the main points.
In the application you will find a PPT help file with information that will be useful to you when making a presentation.



Technical support and sound

If you do not have time for the registration time of the conference, then we recommend that you come not at the time of the presentation, but in advance to test the presentation, to get acquainted with the technical equipment. If you have made changes to the presentation in recent days, then you must transfer the equipment in advance to download the conference to the working computer and display it on the screen. Before the performance, you will be provided with a computer, a microphone, a laser pointer and a remote control for switching slides. All additional wishes regarding the technical support of your speech will be taken into account in accordance with the speaker's questionnaire.


Simultaneous translation

Conferences are equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure simultaneous translation into Russian and English. In case you need a translation, you can get headphones with the receiver during registration. In order to provide you with the highest quality translation, we need some support from you:

1. Please, during the presentation, try to speak clearly and slowly enough, this will allow translators to more accurately convey the essence and details of the presentation.

2. Please speak only into the microphone during the performance, even if the audibility is good in the room, the signal for translators to the booth comes only from the microphone and some of the listeners may be left unattended.

3. After each speech, we set aside time for discussion and questions and answers, since at this moment the audience becomes very active, it is important to speak in turn and be sure to use the microphone, this will not violate the already prevailing atmosphere of attentiveness, and will enable translators to convey to the second part audience all questions and answers.



Member profile

During registration, you will be provided with conference materials in which, in addition to the program and information sheets, there will be a participant questionnaire. Filling out this questionnaire is necessary to improve our activities in accordance with your expectations, and will not take longer than 2-3 minutes. Some of its items are more convenient to fill out during the conference, so a big request is to pay due attention to the questionnaire from the very beginning of the conference.


Presentation update and online documentation

After the conference, we will make the necessary adjustments to the online documentation already available to you.