Risk management strategy in is an essential subject of discussion for any type of financial institution.  Regulations, current events, emerging threats and the need to be ever vigilant are reason enough to consider risk management as a core concern, and one that needs constant attention.

The current state of affairs also presents special and unique considerations for your company’s risk management strategy. Chief among these emerging issues is Basel III. Companies must adjust their  definition of best practices and strategies for risk management. Companies must understand current and effective tools of risk minimisation, while integrating new developments into their risk insurance and stress testing.

Furthermore, companies are well aware, and often underinformed of the potential effects of the so called ‘megaregulator’ on the Central Bank and the Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS).  Critical questions in relation to its influence on the future activity and business of financial institutions are currently being discussed and predicted, but the reality is that these answers are evolving now, and models are being developed.  All these questions, scenarios and possible development plans will be discussed by leading experts and thinkers in the globalfinancial market at this IC Energy business event.

So, it is with great pleasure that IC Energy invites you to take part in open panel discussions, to share your expert opinion, to join your peers in analysing the approaches and predictions of other companies and choose the best strategy of risk management. Participants of the upcoming event will have a seat at the table for pioneering examination and assessment of these issues and more from leading financial institutions through presentations, panel discussions and one to one discussion and networking.

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