The noncommercial partnership “Council of Power Producers” vindicates the interests of all independent generating companies within the constantly changing conditions of electricity and power market.
Since 2008 the Partnership has successfully established its reputation for taking an active part in preparing important industry documents on all decision-making levels.
Members of the NCP “Council of Power Producers” consolidate about 70% of generating capacities and more than 90% of the installed capacity of Russian thermal generating companies.
The structure of the NCP “Council of Power Producers” includes: Eurosibenergo, E. ON. Russia, IES, JSC WGC-3, OJSC Enel OGK-5, SUEK, LUKOIL, OJSC Novosibirskenergo,  Kvadra, Fortum,  TGC-2,  Generating company (Tatenergo), Center energoholding (Gazprom energoholding), Bashkirenergo.
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