Mensor is the leading independent risk engineering consultant in Russia. 
The company was formed in 2011 to carry out high quality risk engineering surveys of industrial property in Russia and the former Soviet Union and generate reports acceptable to the international (re)insurance industry.
Mensor is a Russian registered company owned by industry professionals from Russia and the UK.
Mensor is staffed by Russian and British engineers.
  • Surveys are carried out by engineers who speak Russian and have extensive experience in Russian industry. This ensures full understanding of the client and his facilities. 
  • Reports are prepared as joint efforts between engineers of different nationalities. This ensures that they are written to satisfy the needs of the end users.
Mensor is a young, active and ambitious company. As a result, we offer highly competitive fees and to be extremely flexible in satisfying our clients’ needs. 
Mensor’s engineers have carried out around 250 risk engineering surveys in the former Soviet Union over the course of the last 16 years. As such we have an intimate understanding of the positive and negative features of companies operating in this region.
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