Founded in 1948, Getra nowadays is an industrial Group based in Italy consisting of 4 controlled companies with a work force of 250
people. Each of these companies has its own specific identity, while at the same time working in synergy.
Getra Power - is involved in the production of large and medium power transformers for Power Generation, Transmission and Industry
up to 750MVA power rating and 765KV voltage rating. Our high voltage laboratory for transformer testing is equipped with advanced
and precise measuring equipment assuring precision measurements and reliable results. Measuring instruments are regularly
calibrated by authorized institutions.
Getra Distribution - has a high level of automation in the production of distribution transformers whose role is to handle the delivery
of electricity to the end user at secondary distribution level. The capacity of the plant is in the range of 50KVA up to 2000KVA.
Getra Service - is focused on reliability, efficiency, fast reaction, professional inspection and assessment of the transformers status and
repair within the agreed terms, it is specialized in maintenance work and revamping for transformers produced also by other
Getra Engineering & Consulting - provides services of research and development, engineering, quality control, security procedures
and, more generally, all activities linked to the core business of the group.
Our manufacturing facilities include machinaries for cutting and stacking of magnetic core sheets and windings constructions of
different kinds as well as vapor phase for transformer treatment and oil treatment facilities.
Our experienced and skillfully trained team is able to perform any type of routine, standard and special tests, required by the
regulations of international standards, and dielectric insulation tests on other types of high-voltage equipment.

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