"Financial Advisor" magazine is all about the financial market. It has been published for about 3 years already. That online magazine brings you a number of meaningful and significant topics regarding the financial sector of C.I.S. (the Commonwealth of Independent States) and beyond. Structure of the Magazine consists of four sections: "Insurance", "Finance", "Development", "Life". Themes devoted to a wide range of people, all the materials are written on  the principles of simplicity and integrity. Magazine subscription base at this moment is about 115 000 readers. 
Link to the website of the magazine "Financial Advisor": www.fin-advice.com
Link to all issues of the magazine: www.fin-advice.com/read
The staff of the "Financial Advisor" is open to cooperation. Please contact the editor in chief with all your ideas and suggestions via Email victor@fin-advice.com or via Skype - login Vict0rsss (written with a zero).
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