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SmartGrid.ru is Russia’s first specialized Web portal to present daily up-to-date information on Smart Grid-related achievements in Russia and worldwide, focusing on innovation breakthroughs and current events in domestic and global electric power industry. 
The portal promotes sustainable power development, innovation awareness in the energy sector and the development of the Smart Grid concept.
Today, SmartGrid.ru is a combination of news formats:
a daily newswire for current electric power-related affairs, global and domestic;
video reports on priority issues of the power industry:
news analysis and reviews covering priority issues and key segments of the energy industry;
expert opinions on key issues of introducing a smart energy system;
educational material and background on the effects of smart solutions, Smart Grid-induced changes in society and private lives, history of innovation, etc.;
Information Partnership programs with key global and Russian conferences and exhibitions (Smart Grids/Smart Cities, Asia Smart Grid, Demand Response Virtual Summit, Russia Power, ENES, ReEnergy, InfoSpace, IC Energy, SAPE, ‘Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the 21st Century’ Forum, AtomExpo, Power Electronics  et al.);
up-to-date industry events’ calendar (conferences, exhibitions, webinars, etc.)
a catalogue of energy and energy-related businesses and organizations.
Guided by editorial principles of printing fair, comprehensive and prompt up-to-date information, the SmartGrid.ru editorial team is proud to extend an offer of cooperation to help you present your vision of industry development, smart technology deployment, integration of advanced global solutions and innovative approaches in the power sector, including Smart Grid-related issues.
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