Weekly "Ukraine Business of Revue" marked a momentous event - 20year of the activity. Our newspaper that is equated with official edition of "Госфинуслуг", magazine "Financial services", and similarly Almanac the "Financial market of Ukraine" is base editions of the Publishing house "Ukraine Business".

Advantage of these editions in a high professional level editorial and authorial collectives, to the wide palette that. Our readers are jars and companies of all sectors of market of unbank financial services, participants of market of equities, workers of large, middle and small enterprises, professional associations of participants of financial market, and well-known associations of businessmen - these editions consider on your own base, and also by a source professional information generator.

Our editions light up all important events in economic life of country are analytical materials with the comments of representatives to legislative and executive power, known lawyers, practical specialists-workers of different industries; analyse situation at the bank market (in particular question of crediting of legal entities and reduction of prices of credits to the population), much attention we plan to spare to activity of unbank financial market in particular, insurance and market of equities. The special attention will be concentrated on pension reform: introduction the second level of the pension system and activity of non-state pension fund; in sign of release there will be many questions, that touch taxation, and also development of large, middle and small business.

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