«Elec.ru» company is a leading information agency which has worked for 17 years; it is an expert in the field of display and contextual advertising, creating professional and effective advertising campaigns for representatives of electrotechnical industry. The range of information resources of the agency includes the internet portal Elec.ru and the printed publication «Electrotechnical market».

IA «Elec.ru» provides current news and a chronicle of events in the industry, creating essential textual content, video- and photo-content, promoting in social networks, a proper use of possibilities and potential of search engines, respect to partners’ interests and a friendly team of professionals.
182110, Russia, Pskov Region, Velikie Luki, Gagarina St., 9/1, office 3
Tel./fax: +7 (495) 587-40-90  
E-mail: info@elec.ru 
Web:  http://www.elec.ru/  


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