III Annual Conference

Topic of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency currently attracts considerable attention in Russia. In the last three years, Russian government policies on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency achieved noticeable results, however, there are still number of issues in practical implementation. These topics need to be discussed in order to find sustainable solutions. It is important to point out that current reduction in energy consumption is attributed to the development of less energy consuming industries and services.

Development and implementation of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving technologies is being hindered by insufficient experience, shortage of funds, lack of organisational system and coordination. Russia has one of the greatest potentials in the world to increase its energy efficiency. There are a number of issues in Russia that need to be solved when it comes to energy efficiency and these issues will be discussed on the 1st and 2nd of November 2012 at the "Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving" conference organised by IC|Energy.

III International Conference "Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving" will provide an ideal platform to discover strategic and practical solutions, as well as being the place to meet representatives of business community and government. Event will focus on methods of implementing  energy saving and energy efficiency programs in various industrial sectors of the economy: starting from strategic development, attraction of investments to practical implementation. The main emphasis of the event will be on exchanging experiences in implementing energy effective programs and technologies and promoting international cooperation.

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