IP protection is becoming a global issue as it relates to Russia and CIS.  Many companies both foreign and domestic  are entering into new markets, developing new products and establishing trademark brands. IP protection strategies are critical in protecting  the interests of companies both in terms of corporate reputation and equally in finance. Companies are beginning to understand and accurately monitor counterfeit products not only for the protection of material assets, but also for formation of reputation and for minimization of reputation risk.

As Russia & CIS expand participation in global trade organizations, IP is becoming a rapidly evolving concern for all players. The IP protection legislation affecting companies on the Russia & CIS market come from both domestic and foreign bodies and governments. Companies that effectively implement IP strategies will benefit greatly by staying ahead of the legislative and legal changes that will unfavourably affect those competitors not prepared. IP protection is a strategically important issue that will affect many companies in unexpected ways.  Get the right information for your company and implement the right strategy with the information you will gather at this event.

This conference will allow you to discuss most relevant and emerging topical issues in legislation and consider the trends in the market of consulting services for the protection of IPIP protection.

Practical examples from peer companies- industry leaders and legislative experts, will allow you and your colleagues to take part in panel discussions exchange ideas, and make valuable contacts.

IC ENERGY conference is a unique platform for experience sharing and developing relationships and partnerships.

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