3rd Forum

IC Energy is pleased to present its annual interactive forum of Corporate Treasurers. IC Energy  invites you to participate in public debates, round tables and to share your comments and observations in the forum. Every year we try to discuss the most up-to-date issues and difficulties that are relevant during development and integration of a corporate treasury.
Today the key issues of risk management and integration of risk management systems into the structure of a corporate treasury are particularly pointed.  

With due consideration of the crisis, it is necessary not just to manage liquidity correctly and choose the automation system, but above all, it is vital to identify, manage and prevent all possible risks.

Enterprise Risk Management system, integrated into the corporate treasury could lift the corporate treasury to the next level and increase the performance of its effectiveness at times.

Searching the most appropriate automation systems and effective liquidity management model shall be the main tasks being not worth left behind. Best case studies from companies that are willing to share their experience and expertise in financial controls, risk management, and new cash management products will help you to understand and appreciate corporate treasury level of development and get some tips on how to improve it.

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