Health Safety, Industrial Safety, and Environmental Safety are becoming increasingly relevant to the success of your operations in Russia and CIS. In recent years the issue of safety is particularly acute, and the impact of government regulations, safety standards and a well informed and vocal public means that upgrading and improving your safety operations is becoming a key component in overall business strategy.

Each year, more stringent international norms and laws are being implemented and these standards are affecting the domestic agenda as well. A large industrial company today cannot ignore the important social issues related to occupational, environmental and industrial safety. Compliance with all requirements of workplace safety and the environment creates a favourable image of the company to potential partners, investors, customers and employees and reduces risk from liability, bad press and fines and sanctions from environmental disaster.

This IC|Energy event will provide a unique platform for sharing experiences and building a discussion with colleagues, partners and government representatives. Speakers from across the sector from leading industrial operations will present their insight, solutions and the best practices to minimize industrial risk, develop strategies to protect company assets and personnel and ensure the safety of society and the environment.


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