The price of your product represents revenue, everything else represents cost.  Understanding pricing strategies in terms of cost and profit objectives, consumer demand and competition, have immense impact on many areas of your business from marketing, production, sales and operations; but nowhere more than your bottom line. 

Product pricing strategies must be developed early in the product/service development and incorporated into the overall effort at every level. Pricing strategies for pricing must reflect corporate culture as they are the most powerful tools in setting and achieving company profit goals. By developing a deep understanding of pricing strategies, companies understand competitors pricing strategies or lack thereof, implement tactics and measure customers’ willingness to pay. Effective Pricing strategies will improve your company profit, value and reputation among clients and prospects alike.

To maintain and improve market position and better understand existing and target clients, successful companies are developing pricing strategies to drive their product and their message with a coordinated pricing strategy.  Your strategy will determine your ability to penetrate new markets, dominate existing markets or create new ones.  Your company success begins and ends with your pricing strategy.

With key speakers from Industry leaders from Russia and CIS, this event will provide essential and in depth guidance on how to manage and develop pricing strategy.

IC Energy conference will bring together the leading pricing experts  from Russia and CIS to discuss the major issues and define the best pricing strategies based on their practical experience in accordance with current and future market conditions.

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