Humanity’s opportunities  of generating new ideas and concepts are unlimited. Appearance of innovative products and trends prove that a society is moving on and developing. Intellectual property  should be controlled and regulated from the legislative point of view and on governmental level. In Russia and CIS, intellectual property issues are gaining more  importance and attention. Every company has brands that need to be protected, inventions that should be patented and products that are sold within the Customs Union. Intellectual Property  protection in the Internet is very difficult to regulate, and requires much attention, both from the Economic Security  and Legal Departments.

This conference will allow you to discuss the most topical issues in legislation and consider the trends in the market of consulting services for the protection of intellectual property rights.

With key speakers from Industry leaders from Russia and CIS, this event will provide essential and in depth guidance on how to protect innovative ideas, brand-new trademarks and extend patents.

IC Energy conference will allow you to take part in Panel Discussions, listen to  the best case studies and express your point of view in open discussions.

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