The complications of your business environment are growing exponentially as information and automation increasingly drive industries.   Formidable competition and the emergence of   dynamic new threats require companies to establish a  strong and reliable security department   able to respond quickly in emergency situations and to detect threats before they become emergencies.

An effective and integrated system of corporate security is a critical component in protecting the organisation  against aggressive actions, offers resources for clear strategic decision making in relation to  new partners and projects, and defends business processes from threats.
The major source of revenue loss is from internal actions, up to 80% in standard analyses, whether intentional or not.  CEOs realise that every applicant, each staff member and any individual associated with the operation of the business should be considered as a source of risk or potential threat. While all companies work to develop their personnel to achieve greatness, the smart organizations also protect themselves from great loss. A cohesive and clear Corporate Security Plan can help your company with both of these approaches.
This IC|Energy conference wiconsider ll the role of corporate security, effective development  and implementation of security strategies, evaluation methods, fraud management, and innovative approaches to the protection of personal data.

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