On behalf of IC|Energy, we are pleased to invite you to participate in unique interactive conference data centers in Russia and CIS, that will be held March 24-25 2011, in Moscow, Russia.

This event will allow you to hear best practices of data centers construction and maintenance, participate in interactive panel sessions, discuss the most topical issues and share experiences and contacts.

In today's world, every dynamic company seeks to costs optimization , labour costs reduction and data storage, that is often confidential. Effective management of modern business requires data on all aspects of the company. It is very important to control information flow and speed up its processing, as well as the need to constantly provide the top management of reliable and relevant information. Optimal processing and storage of data may allow the company to not only effectively manage and win market share but increase profits.

Data Management Center is unique center that allows you to store, manage and optimize data using the most modern systems and technologies. One of the most discussed and most recent methods is the system of cloud computing, that allows you to reduce costs and optimize their IT infrastructure data center.

The conference will assess the benefits of outsourcing data centers and its own data center, calculate the economic benefits of its own and commercial data center.

IC|Energy conference will consider the most up-to-date issues of construction, technical aspects of service data centers, infrastructure development and energy efficiency data center.

This unique event will bring together companies that have their own data centers, suppliers of server and network equipment companies to provide services to the energy efficiency of the company-system integrators.

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