Sponsorship today is one of the most effective business tools for brand building, brand recognition, recruitment and corporate identity as well as a driver of end sales. Yet this tool turns out to be underutilized and undervalued.  In the current business environment of Russia and CIS, this highly attractive access to targeted markets is not fully understood. It is, however, is highly valued by and influential on consumers.

Smart sponsorship in Russia and CIS is a recent commercial development and one that is seeing active growth. Early adopter companies and executives are creating a positive image and favorable conditions for the development of their business.
Successful corporate sponsorship can also be achieved through highly visible and properly promoted social projects designed to enhance the brand value, image and reputation of the company.
The experience of the global marketplace shows that smart sponsorship strategy allows companies to:
  • Boost business development
  • Promote an attractive image of the company and its leadership
  • Foster customer loyalty
  • Increase consumer access to focused brand messages
In fact and in practice, smart sponsorship helps to create new business directions.  Smart sponsorship is one of the most exciting and effective techniques for new market access and current market expansion
This IC|Energy conference will define trending in commercial and social sponsorship development in Russia and CIS, project selection strategies, efficient measuring metrics, methods for attracting sponsorship, its role in increasing brand values and how sponsoring can enhancing reputation management. This event will focus on and identify the best practices of sponsoring and its impact on actual company value.

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