Sports hold a special place in the arena of business, at once passionate and at the same time, an exercise in event production and business like no other.

Beyond the tangible aspects of management and marketing, additional considerations can dominate the value and success of these very unique endeavours. Added to the strictly operational aspects of the events themselves, one must consider the very public eye under which these events are viewed.
Sports Management and Marketing combines cutting edge business, technology, club, national and international prestige and honour, all while showcasing the performances of the athletes and participants themselves. All aspects of this are then subject to the overarching and absolute requirement for cohesive integrity and honour.
Modern sports management is a constantly evolving exercise in which valuable lessons can be learned and applied to ensure success. Failure to learn and apply can result in damage far beyond the events themselves. One needs to look no further than current and recent sporting events for a drastic comparison of the success of the Summer Olympics and the unfolding events of the Commonwealth games to understand the implications of success and failure.
Sports management is a relatively new business area for Russia and CIS and because of this, it is vital to identify sports management objectives and sports marketing results to be competitive and successful in the marketplace, whether your interests are at the club level, national or international level.

IC|Energy conference will define trending in sports development in Russia and CIS, and will relay effective strategies of sports building management. Also discussed in this event will be issues of sports management and the role of non-profit associations. This event will also give a preview and an inside glimpse into preparation for the massive sporting events in Russia and CIS such as Sochi 2014, Universiade Kazan 2013 and Euro 2012.Together, the participants and speakers will connect sport, state and business and will help you to develop an effective view of their interaction, their value and their potential challenges.

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